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Wine Me? is an American hand painted wine glass company. Combining great style and unsurpassed quality, Wine Me? has gained a strong following amongst wine lovers around the country.


Artist and wine enthusiast Rebecca Suriano is the creative force behind these colorful hand painted wine glasses. After attending many wine festivals which offered guests the same clear wine glass, Rebecca wanted something special to drink from that was different from what everyone else had. Failing to find anything unique or interesting enough for her tastes she decided to take matters into her own hands and hand-paint her own glass. Her one-of-a-kind creation received so much attention she realized she was onto something special.


The Florida based artist officially established Wine Me? in 2010 to serve a niche market at wine festivals and art shows nationwide...Inspired by nature, fashion, pop-culture, fine arts and above all, being unique, Wine Me? is known for its beautiful, stylish, and highly collectible pieces. The line has appeared on programs airing on Bravo and VH1 and in New York Magazine, OK Magazine, and In Touch.


As Rebecca says, "Don't just drink, drink in style”.






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